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    Bodegas Maisulan
    Camino del Soto s/n
    01309 Álava – España


    Contact. Maisulan en Elvillar (Rioja Alavesa). Nuestros vinos : Maisulan Joven, Maisulan Sobremoro, Maisulan 6, Maisulan 12.A crazy couple in love with our land, in love with the mountain ranges that protect against the north wind, in love with the ravines that force the vines to grow on small slopes, in love with the centuries-old olive trees … Since we were children we have come to these vineyards with our parents, and since childhood we have known this was our place, we knew we would be farmers and that we would need to be in touch with the land every day.
    Despite the years that have passed, despite the hard work, we are still moved to see dawn break over our vineyard and to feel life waking up once more and the quiet start of another day on our patch of land, the birds, the spiders, the ladybirds…with a bit of luck a hare being chased by a hawk or a wild boar caught out by sunrise and still in the open…those wet dawns filled with the scent of rosemary and thyme, of clean pure air.
    This is our life, that´s why we try to do our best to nuture this special place: we do not use any chemicals, we apply natural farming techniques based on Fukuoka’s principles, plant extracts and biodynamics.Love for our land.
    Respect for the wine growing tradition of our region, for its history.
    Work to preserve the environment we have inherited.
    These are the values that make us get up and go to work everyday, and this is the lifestyle that makes MAISULAN wines so characteristic, wines that express the unique identity of this region in each and every vine.
    Every bottle of MAISULAN contains years of hard work, a job done by a threesome: the land, the climate and us, who try to intervene as little as possible, leaving most of the job to the wisdom of Nature.